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To the Lighthouse

To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf Slightly less paralysing in its perfect poetic prose than The Waves (though just as rich), To the Lighthouse delivers page upon page of Virginia Woolf's genius in a less concentrated form. It is precisely this sort of lossless 'dilution' that allows one to actually finish this book for the first time (delighted at the prospect of the eventual re-reading that this sort of book demands), in contrast to the powerful intensity of prose poetry distilled into each paragraph of The Waves which paralyzes one into a state of contemplation so sweet as one slowly savors each page that I'm not quite sure I'll ever finish it since I'm not quite ready to ever be 'done' with the book.

The Waves is the sort of book one spends an entire lifetime reading. To the Lighthouse is the sort of book one reads over and over again for the rest of one's life.